14th January – The no-good new year

Dear Bandru, This new year started with the worst possible and 14 days into it, things are still horrible. From fighting for weeks at a stretch we are now exchanging two messages a day. We have drawn enough dirt on each other to talk more about what we don't like about each other any more. … Continue reading 14th January – The no-good new year


December 18th – The Stupid Decision

  Dear Bandru, I am not sure when will you be reading this because as of now you are not even reading my texts. You are angry, tired and upset for one reason, ME. After last couple weeks of constant fights, I am changed even more. Biggest change you ask? I have started to hate … Continue reading December 18th – The Stupid Decision

December 11th – Three Years

Dear Bandru, Three years. 1095 Days. Today, we complete three years of this amazing relationship. 1095 days of love, fights, quarrels, banters and  a lot more of love! We have seen bad times, horrible times, good times and amazing times, with just one thing constant, us holding each other's hands, having each other's back. That … Continue reading December 11th – Three Years