22nd July – Anti Stressing Boyfriend

Your Loving Boyfriend can be a good stress buster too.

Dear Bandru,

I want to help you, not that you need help but I want to tell you a few things which may help you.

I have a list of a few activities that has proven very helpful in decreasing in my daily life borne stress and today I want to share that recipe for a less stressed day to you.

  1.  Five minute Yoga and a morning Hello with God – This will pump up enough cheerfulness to get you through the day.
  2. Breakfast – Most important meal of the day, cornflakes, masala oats, normal oats, Poha, daliya whatever you like.
  3. Looking good to yourself gives you confidence to face the stress that is about to get poured on your head.
  4. I know you are going to hate this one but this still works baby, a To-Do List.
  5. Your Smartphone, its not a distraction! It’s a tool honey! I can give you a list of few apps that can do a lot of stuff for you.
  6. Playlists – Every mood has a playlist, figure out what suits your taste and no stress will ever get to you with that awesome music playing around you.
  7. Now, last but not the least! Your Loving Boyfriend can be a good stress buster too, give him a call or a ping and that silly little entertainer will pop up and make you smile.

Hope you like this one.

Lots of Love,

Bada Bandar


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