25th July – Routine

Dear Bandru,

Don’t worry it is not about your college and education. This is about our schedule and how amazingly cute that is. We have been together for more than three years and still every cute text brings the wave of feelings that is rare in a relationship that is as old as ours.

We don’t have a schedule, we don’t have that 9 pm call that every couple of our age has  we have a “I Was Missing You” call and that is a very amazing thing. We don’t love on a schedule, we love when we love there is no other factor involved in that.

Every time I see that #GoogleAllo icon up in my phone’s status bar, I get excited. Do you know why? It is because we don’t have a schedule, that text may be for letting me know that you are going to be late or even a random picture of you just because you felt like sending it to me or even just a long kiss to make me aware that you were missing me.

People say I love you once or twice a day, we end up saying it a thousand times a day and still we don’t get the feeling that our love for each other is expressed to our satisfaction and this is where those long kisses come in. I have a lot of friends who have the habit of leaning in my phone, all of them are always surprised by those long line of the letter “m”.

Do you know why it is like that? What we have was never imposed on us. No, I don’t mean that it was imposed on others or having a schedule is bad, all I am trying to say is we like being this way, we need this kind of outlet to our feeling to be happy and satisfied. We have been apart for a long time and that has done two things. One, the physical distance has made us more expressive with our words and has strengthen the feeling to a large extent. Second, we have understood how we strongly feel about each others company.

I am extremely happy with what we have now and I am sure it will always move towards better things.

Lots of Love,

Bada Bandar.

Dear Readers,

A makeover is coming soon along with better quality content and multiple media.

Thank you for the love,

Lots of Love,

Bada Bandar.



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