Him and her

She was in the taxi, eagerly waiting for her destination to come. This was the first time that she was so eager to jump out of the taxi as soon as it stops, she had already checked how much she will have to pay for the ride on her phone and emptied her purse to collect the exact amount to ensure no extra time gets wasted in the transaction.

Familiar neighborhood was passing by her sides and the view brought back a flood of memories, taking all the familiar turns the taxi stopped at a building. Suddenly she came back to her senses and she had no memory of directing the driver to the destination but she was quick, gave the money to the driver, thanked him and ran towards the staircase.

She looked around everything was same but still had a strange look, she climbed a flight of stairs and saw the door which she was dreaming of entering from long time and the first thing she noticed was a new name plate with his name one it and before she could knock he opened the door and the world came to a stand still for both of them.

We were looking at each other in person after a long time, both were awestruck to see each other, no one remembered when they came in but the door was now locked.  He was in the kitchen getting her a glass of water and she was looking around and trying to figure out what has changed in the last six months.

He came back with a glass of water, handed that glass to her and looked at her. The magic that took place at the moment is called falling in love all over again. They were looking into each others eyes, lost in a world of their own. A plane could have landed in the next ally and they wouldn’t have even noticed, this was the moment she was dreaming for from a long time and she knew he was waiting for the moment to come too.

Slightly leaning in, they kissed. The world around them was just a big blur for them, this was the moment, the moment of completion they were looking for. This wasn’t just a kiss, it was an expression, of a million I Love Yous and I Missed Yous. This kiss was a token of loyalty, honesty and unending love they had for each other.

His arms wrapped around her waist, hers around his neck, closed eyes and the amazing kiss!

It was around midnight, when she woke up. She was on the bed with him with his arm wrapped around her. She was with him, finally. In his loving arms, the place where she always wanted to be. She could see the happiness and satisfaction of being with her on his calm sleeping face and she decided to go back to sleep in the most comfortable place, his arms.


Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for the 1K hits, as promised is something special. Keep reading and share the feeling of love.

Lots of Love,



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