Him and Her – Part II

She got up in his arms. It was the best place to fall asleep and get up for her. He was still asleep, she wanted to capture that beautiful moment and looked around for her phone and clicked an picture which was going to be her wallpaper coming months.

He was honking his bike downstairs, she came running trying to tie her pretty wet hair at the same time. She hopped on, holding him tight, the road and the traffic stopped bothering her. The ride was her frequent weekend dream, it was happening for real and she wanted to remember every moment of it.

“This trip is like his answer to all the I Miss You’s and I Want You’s I texted him.” She thought to herself. She was happy to feel him near her. They were starved of each other’s touch and company. This visit satisfied a tiny bit of that hunger but both of them knew even a life time of togetherness would fail to satisfy that hunger of company.

They were at their old usual place of lunch, they walked in together and instinctively sat on their usual place. Even the person who owned the place was happy to serve them together.

It was post lunch, she looked at the watch and knew it was time. He noticed her pretty face get drained of all the happiness and he understood it was time.


(Part III to follow.)



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