Him and Her Part III

She was again on his bike, riding. The same wind was blowing, same sun was shining and same traffic was around them, the only difference was that everything was bothering her. His silence and even his words were annoying her at that moment.

Filtering through the traffic, as the bus stop was just a few miles, gloom started to take him down too. She knew that the U turn after dropping her will be the hardest one in his life and surprisingly she considered him a pretty good rider.

She slowly climbed up the stairs of the bus, he could see the sadness in each of her steps. She was aware of him looking at her, she turned and ran towards him for a final hug. The people, buses, traffic nothing matter to them at that moment. She felt his hands withdrawing from her waist slowly, a kiss on her forehead and she saw him standing a few steps away from her.

She again climbed up the bus and this time she knew she could not turn back. She sat on her place, trying to find him in the crowd but he was long gone.

Standing at a traffic signal, he texted her,

“It is one of many. Every time you leave and feel sad about leaving me behind, keep in mind, no matter where you are or how far you are from me, I am always there. Right by your side.”


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