6th August – Disappearance

The love we share deserves a very happy ending and so do we.

Dear Bandru and my readers,

I haven’t written in a while. Today is a special one. I am going to write to you and our readers in the same letter.


This blog is a collection of real feelings from a real guy to a real girl, at the beginning of this blog I was planning on keeping this truth hidden but for effectively telling you guys what I want to, I needed to disclose this.

I am from India and so is Bandru. I use a two-wheeler for my commute of 16- 20 kms a day. I am concerned with my safety while riding and that is the reason I never hop on my bike without proper riding gear. A few days ago while returning from work, passing through a countryside, a stray cow came running and hit my vehicle while I was riding. It was unexpected and fell. I got injured, my cloths were torn and bike was seriously damaged BUT I had no serious injuries because of all the riding gear I was wearing. Without the good quality protective helmet that I was wearing, this post could never be written.

I understand traveling to all the places with all those knee and elbow pads is not practical but a helmet, a good one is not that much a hassle when you compare it to losing your precious life.

ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET and A SEAT-BELT IF YOU ARE DRIVING because you too have a cute little Bandru or a Loving Bada Bandar waiting for you.


I know you avoid wearing helmet too, I don’t want anything to happen to you because of some other careless fellow. The love we share deserves a very happy ending and so do we. Wear a helmet, please. Everything else can come later.

Lots of love,

Bada Bandar.

P.S. Today I will be compensating for not writing for all these days! Stay tuned and share this one, It will be a huge achievement if we could prevent even on serious injury!


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