28th October – It happened 

Dear Readers and Bandru,

We all loved the story of Him and Her, a figment of my imagination. A story of a couple living far far away from each other and still madly in love.

All my lovely readers know that it was an imaginative incident based on our wishes of we wanted our long due reunion meant to happen.

So, in the news, yesterday was Bandru’s birthday and we lived the story of Him and Her, spent days roaming the beautiful streets of the hill station we were visiting and nights enjoying each other’s company.

It took us whole two days to realise that we were not dreaming and everything happening around us was true.

In the last three and a half days I travelled for around 42 hours, 28 hours alone and rest 14 with her but all the exertion vanished with Bandru’s one smile. I don’t need anything else to tell me how much she loves me, the teary eyed smile that was on her face while dropping me off at the bus stop speaks for all of her unsaid feelings.


My dearest, I am not smart, not even mature enough to be responsible for myself, I do stupid stuff but I love you more than what my words are able to describe and I will continue to love you no matter what waits for us. 

As your birthday gift, coming three days will come with our trip together written on dearbandru polished with all my feelings and thoughts. 

Lots of love,

Bada Bandar. 


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