December 8th – The first text

Dear Bandru,

From the last couple of years we start every morning with a greeting to each other.

A simple Good Morning text and then we get back to our work. 

There is nothing special in the first text of the day, no romantic poetry, no promises of being together forever not even our plans for the day. Just a plain simple Good Morning. 

Imagine a normal morning, you get up, text me Good Morning and get back to your work but in a few hours you realise that I haven’t texted you back. 

How will that make you feel?

Worried? Angry? The feeling of something being missing from your morning will creep in? Don’t worry, I would feel the same if this happened with me. 

Why do we fuss so much over a plain Good Morning text?

To start our day well, all we need is a hand on our shoulders saying, “It’s all right, I am there.”

For us and other lovers like us living miles apart, this plain simple text message is that hand. This text is the assurance that whatever happens the whole the, you have someone to come back to and share your pain with.

I hope that feeling of something missing will on creep into our mornings andd they will always be blessed with each other’s presence. 

Lots of love,

Bada Bandar 


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