December 9th – Is it gone? 


Dear Bandru,

Do you remember, when we just started dating? We would be up all night long just texting, sleepy yet not willing to stop.

Nearly three years have passed, we know each other a lot more but sometimes I feel like that excitement to be with each other, even virtually has been over-powered by our daily jobs, duties and responsibilities.

I am not blaming you, please don’t take it on you but this is something that even you must have noticed at some point.

Is it something that is happening because we are getting too used to each other? Are we talking each other for granted? or we have just lost it?

I feel , we cannot loose it, we are too strong a couple to loose that. I feel we have started taking each other for granted, the fact that now we have realized that we are going to have this amazing relationship in our lives forever, we have stopped treating this relationship as something special. But, the fact still remains that this relationship has done a lot for our lives and it needs to remain and be treated special forever.

I understand, you cannot force that special feeling just because I asked you do to so but I know this relationship is very special for you and so it is for me, we have just buried it somewhere and we really need to dig it back.

I have always used the word WE everywhere, not blaming you, just explaining you that this is what we are going towards and if we continue to move forward things won’t be pretty.

Hope you understand!

Lots of Love,

Bada Bandar!


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