17th August – Jealous Me

Dear Bandru,

There are a lot things that I would love to tell you but today we will settle for this one.

I know you don’t worry about me cheating on you and honestly speaking neither do I. Hope you understand that the distance and longing may cause me to get jealous (a red face and smoke coming from my ears and nose) and that is not because I do not trust you it is because I am so far away from you that I cannot enjoy your company ever.

You mean the world to me and intentionally doing something evil to you is practically impossible for me. My jealously is never intended to hurt you and make you feel not in control of your life.

I honestly hope you understand the feeling. (I love it when you get jealous for me)

Lots of love,

Bada Bandar

15th August- Will I Survive?

Our wish to meet will stay on the fantasy side for coming days unlike our plans but what I am wishing for is that it never enters the lie side.

Dear Bandru,

Yesterday I was talking about how excited I was to meet you.

You are well aware of my love for the written word. I have written a lot of things in my life, none of it was or is a lie. Fantasies? Yes. Lies? No.

Our wish to meet will stay on the fantasy side for coming days unlike our plans but what I am wishing for is that it never enters the lie side.

Lots of Love,

Bada Bandar

14th August- The return

Do you know how amazing it feels to be in love with someone so much? Of course you do.

Dear Bandru,

I have nearly recovered from my injuries from the I mentioned in the last one.

We will come back to our daily schedule now.

I know you are at your home town and I am not sure whether or not you will be able to read the post but I will still go on.

We will be meeting each other very soon, after six months. I have been trying to imagine the day but this is the first time I am not able to use my imagination quite well which is rarely the case.

I haven’t talked with you in the last 36 hours and it feels so empty. It may seem like an exaggeration but it is not! I have unlocked my phone for not more than what I can count on my fingers.

Do you know how amazing it feels to be in love with someone so much? Of course you do.

How are you? I am waiting to see a subscription from your email address.

Lots of Love,

Bada Bandar

6th August – Disappearance

The love we share deserves a very happy ending and so do we.

Dear Bandru and my readers,

I haven’t written in a while. Today is a special one. I am going to write to you and our readers in the same letter.


This blog is a collection of real feelings from a real guy to a real girl, at the beginning of this blog I was planning on keeping this truth hidden but for effectively telling you guys what I want to, I needed to disclose this.

I am from India and so is Bandru. I use a two-wheeler for my commute of 16- 20 kms a day. I am concerned with my safety while riding and that is the reason I never hop on my bike without proper riding gear. A few days ago while returning from work, passing through a countryside, a stray cow came running and hit my vehicle while I was riding. It was unexpected and fell. I got injured, my cloths were torn and bike was seriously damaged BUT I had no serious injuries because of all the riding gear I was wearing. Without the good quality protective helmet that I was wearing, this post could never be written.

I understand traveling to all the places with all those knee and elbow pads is not practical but a helmet, a good one is not that much a hassle when you compare it to losing your precious life.

ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET and A SEAT-BELT IF YOU ARE DRIVING because you too have a cute little Bandru or a Loving Bada Bandar waiting for you.


I know you avoid wearing helmet too, I don’t want anything to happen to you because of some other careless fellow. The love we share deserves a very happy ending and so do we. Wear a helmet, please. Everything else can come later.

Lots of love,

Bada Bandar.

P.S. Today I will be compensating for not writing for all these days! Stay tuned and share this one, It will be a huge achievement if we could prevent even on serious injury!

Him and Her Part III

She was again on his bike, riding. The same wind was blowing, same sun was shining and same traffic was around them, the only difference was that everything was bothering her. His silence and even his words were annoying her at that moment.

Filtering through the traffic, as the bus stop was just a few miles, gloom started to take him down too. She knew that the U turn after dropping her will be the hardest one in his life and surprisingly she considered him a pretty good rider.

She slowly climbed up the stairs of the bus, he could see the sadness in each of her steps. She was aware of him looking at her, she turned and ran towards him for a final hug. The people, buses, traffic nothing matter to them at that moment. She felt his hands withdrawing from her waist slowly, a kiss on her forehead and she saw him standing a few steps away from her.

She again climbed up the bus and this time she knew she could not turn back. She sat on her place, trying to find him in the crowd but he was long gone.

Standing at a traffic signal, he texted her,

“It is one of many. Every time you leave and feel sad about leaving me behind, keep in mind, no matter where you are or how far you are from me, I am always there. Right by your side.”

Him and Her – Part II

She got up in his arms. It was the best place to fall asleep and get up for her. He was still asleep, she wanted to capture that beautiful moment and looked around for her phone and clicked an picture which was going to be her wallpaper coming months.

He was honking his bike downstairs, she came running trying to tie her pretty wet hair at the same time. She hopped on, holding him tight, the road and the traffic stopped bothering her. The ride was her frequent weekend dream, it was happening for real and she wanted to remember every moment of it.

“This trip is like his answer to all the I Miss You’s and I Want You’s I texted him.” She thought to herself. She was happy to feel him near her. They were starved of each other’s touch and company. This visit satisfied a tiny bit of that hunger but both of them knew even a life time of togetherness would fail to satisfy that hunger of company.

They were at their old usual place of lunch, they walked in together and instinctively sat on their usual place. Even the person who owned the place was happy to serve them together.

It was post lunch, she looked at the watch and knew it was time. He noticed her pretty face get drained of all the happiness and he understood it was time.


(Part III to follow.)


26th July – The Unusual We

Dear Bandru,

We always say that things are different with us, we are not like other couples.

Today, I want to talk about Why?

We don’t have a schedule (We talked about this yesterday.)

Unlike others, we have not spent much time together in person.

We are still getting to know each other and at the same time we know each other inside out.

We have the shortest Fight and Love You duration.

No matter who was upset but both of us end up cheering each other.

We are the only ones who say I love you 100 times in a fight.

Food has played a huge deal in making our relationship what it is now.

and I can go on for days but lets stop at,

Distance has always nurtured our relationship.

Lots of Love,

Bada Bandar.


25th July – Routine

Dear Bandru,

Don’t worry it is not about your college and education. This is about our schedule and how amazingly cute that is. We have been together for more than three years and still every cute text brings the wave of feelings that is rare in a relationship that is as old as ours.

We don’t have a schedule, we don’t have that 9 pm call that every couple of our age has  we have a “I Was Missing You” call and that is a very amazing thing. We don’t love on a schedule, we love when we love there is no other factor involved in that.

Every time I see that #GoogleAllo icon up in my phone’s status bar, I get excited. Do you know why? It is because we don’t have a schedule, that text may be for letting me know that you are going to be late or even a random picture of you just because you felt like sending it to me or even just a long kiss to make me aware that you were missing me.

People say I love you once or twice a day, we end up saying it a thousand times a day and still we don’t get the feeling that our love for each other is expressed to our satisfaction and this is where those long kisses come in. I have a lot of friends who have the habit of leaning in my phone, all of them are always surprised by those long line of the letter “m”.

Do you know why it is like that? What we have was never imposed on us. No, I don’t mean that it was imposed on others or having a schedule is bad, all I am trying to say is we like being this way, we need this kind of outlet to our feeling to be happy and satisfied. We have been apart for a long time and that has done two things. One, the physical distance has made us more expressive with our words and has strengthen the feeling to a large extent. Second, we have understood how we strongly feel about each others company.

I am extremely happy with what we have now and I am sure it will always move towards better things.

Lots of Love,

Bada Bandar.

Dear Readers,

A makeover is coming soon along with better quality content and multiple media.

Thank you for the love,

Lots of Love,

Bada Bandar.


23rd July – 

Dear Bandru, 

I will send the package tomorrow!

There are a lot of things in our life that we have no control over and I want to take them as they are and not worry about them too much, like how bad the food is there or how much you are annoyed with the people who set up an alarm for five in the morning but just don’t get up, moment when you reach college in a hurry to see the muster is not there or even when you have to stop the video call because data is ending, moments when we have to cancel our meets because of your or my college work, moments when we are not able to talk because someone else’s friends are noisy af. 

Take a deep breath and let these things go. Focus on what is in your hands like spending the time thst we have in happiness through whichever media is available, utilizing the extra time you just got in college because of going early to catch up, when our meets get canceled, use the time to work a step ahead to make next one a bit longer.

What I am trying to say is that you cannot chnage things that you have no control over so worrying about such things is a complete waste of your time and energy, spend that energy kissing me 😉 

Lots of Love, 

Bada Bandar 

22nd July – Anti Stressing Boyfriend

Your Loving Boyfriend can be a good stress buster too.

Dear Bandru,

I want to help you, not that you need help but I want to tell you a few things which may help you.

I have a list of a few activities that has proven very helpful in decreasing in my daily life borne stress and today I want to share that recipe for a less stressed day to you.

  1.  Five minute Yoga and a morning Hello with God – This will pump up enough cheerfulness to get you through the day.
  2. Breakfast – Most important meal of the day, cornflakes, masala oats, normal oats, Poha, daliya whatever you like.
  3. Looking good to yourself gives you confidence to face the stress that is about to get poured on your head.
  4. I know you are going to hate this one but this still works baby, a To-Do List.
  5. Your Smartphone, its not a distraction! It’s a tool honey! I can give you a list of few apps that can do a lot of stuff for you.
  6. Playlists – Every mood has a playlist, figure out what suits your taste and no stress will ever get to you with that awesome music playing around you.
  7. Now, last but not the least! Your Loving Boyfriend can be a good stress buster too, give him a call or a ping and that silly little entertainer will pop up and make you smile.

Hope you like this one.

Lots of Love,

Bada Bandar