December 9th – Is it gone? 

Dear Bandru, Do you remember, when we just started dating? We would be up all night long just texting, sleepy yet not willing to stop. Nearly three years have passed, we know each other a lot more but sometimes I feel like that excitement to be with each other, even virtually has been over-powered by... Continue Reading →


December 8th – The first text

Dear Bandru, From the last couple of years we start every morning with a greeting to each other. A simple Good Morning text and then we get back to our work.  There is nothing special in the first text of the day, no romantic poetry, no promises of being together forever not even our plans... Continue Reading →

December 7th – Yes, it is alive

Coming few weeks will bring a lot of unfulfilled promises along with happiness and loads of Love.  Dear Bandru, Hope you are doing fine. This is a guilty post, I have promised a lot of things recently which have been left undone. I will not blame being too busy, I have failed in managing time... Continue Reading →

16th November – Lost

You have made me a better human! Dear Bandru, This is blog is very close to my heart! I agree my dedication to put up a post has decreased drastically from 14th of June, the very first day of Dear Bandru but the my love for the blog is never ending, this has saved our... Continue Reading →

28th October – It happened 

Dear Readers and Bandru, We all loved the story of Him and Her, a figment of my imagination. A story of a couple living far far away from each other and still madly in love. All my lovely readers know that it was an imaginative incident based on our wishes of we wanted our long... Continue Reading →

17th October – Day Four

Dear Bandru, This is the clue for your gift.  I miss you, a lot.  On this Deepavali, with every lamp I light I wish for a bright future for you, for me, for us and for our families too. Soon, we will be celebrating this festival together, as a couple. Lots of Love,  Bada bandar ... Continue Reading →

14th October – Day One

Dear Bandru, Yesterday's good bye was my life's most difficult farewell. I was fully aware of the fact that I will be meeting you again in just two weeks. I barely remember the ride back home after dropping you off, the only thing I remember is taking the last turn to my apartment and then... Continue Reading →

11th October – Hope

I live on hope angel! That is how I survive, that is how we survive! Dear Bandru, You are in town and tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for so long and this morning, you called. Just like you called last time, expressing certain doubts about the possibility of us not being able... Continue Reading →

3rd October – You

Dear Bandru, This is is going to be a short one! You are appearing for your exams now and I can see the fear on your pretty face. I know because of many events in the past, you have lost a certain amount of confidence in yourself but I have immense confidence in you! I... Continue Reading →

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